Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Dozier Centre Grand Opening Saturday

This Saturday, the Dozier Centre in Kennesaw, GA will have its grand opening. It starts at 10am with an Instrument Petting Zoo and ends around 7pm. There will be performances by the Midtown Brass Quintet, Atlanta Percussion Trio, Joyner Brothers String Trio, Georgia Brass Band, and The Phoenix Quartet. You can find out more about the center here:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Electronic Call for Works - Update!

I've received enough material now for a concert! The works that have come in are very cool. It will be exciting to present them together publicly. We have a vibrant community of composers here with voice, and I hope that when you hear them you will be as excited as I am about the new music that is being created all around us.

Now I need to secure a venue and date and pull together the resources for the show. I'll be in discussions with some folks to see how best to present the material and gather the widest audience. I want to turn this into an event with big attendance (not just where 5 people show up!) To that end, I'm open to ideas and suggestions and active participation by all of you, so if you have anything to say about it, please let me know. Post your comments here to the blog or contact me through my website (follow my profile link.)

One thing I'd like to do in conjunction with the concert is create a podcast of the concert submissions. This would open our music not only to the local community, but to the world. In order to do this, I will need permission from the composers to podcast the music, so I'll be in touch with all those who have submitted for their approval.

Once I have more details, of course I will post all here on the blog.

Thanks to all those who have submitted!

If you didn't get a chance to submit, please feel free to still send your music, as I plan to do more concerts and I will probably find a place for it in the future.

It's great getting to know our community.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Basics of Media Relations

Ever wondered how to best communcate your breaking news story to the media? One resource is a basic "Media Access Guide" presented online by the Seattle Times and the Seattle Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association. It's a good general overview for those who need an introduction to dealing with public media. Caveat: It is general. Always get to know your local publications and broadcasters and their own individual character, and their journalists who cover your kind of story. And don't ignore emerging "new media" and how those innovations can affect your PR methods. The Seattle Times/AAJA Media Access Guide can be found in PDF format here (20 pages):

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Music, Dance, and Visual Arts

I think its pretty fitting to post this event, given the Atlanta Score Study Group is going to address the topic of music and dance collaboration at tonight's meeting. Tommorrow night there should be a good demonstration of such a collaboration. UGA alumni and Atlanta resident, Colin Bragg, has composed music for tommorrow night's event.

Friday August 4th 8pm
‘Finding Clear’ by Crossover Movement Arts at Eyedrum Gallery

admission $8
The second phase of ‘Finding Clear’, a collaborative
work in progress by Crossover Movement Arts.
Performing creators include : Aaron Bean, Kat Barrett,
Blake Dalton, Hannah Leatherbury, Amy Parker, Erin
Weller, with music by Colin Bragg, Katie Bragg, Blake
Helton, visual art by Kevin Hoth and additional
choreographic inspiration by Hila Kerekesh.
Dance, theatre and martial arts, live music, digital
video, and collaboratively created text fuel this next
phase of Finding Clear.

To learn more about the artists involved, click on the links below:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Atlanta Ballet

I received this email (along with the rest of the members in the Atlanta Federation of Musicians) from John Head about the Atlanta Ballet doing away with the orchestra. It makes me shutter personally to think about them using canned music:

August 1, 2006
To- All Local Members:
From- John Head
Re: Atlanta Ballet

I'm sure you have all read about the decision by the Atlanta Ballet
management to eliminate the orchestra from all future productions.
We are pursuing all courses of action to restore negotiations to get
this decision reversed.

It is occasions like this that our unity as an organization comes
into play. I encourage all of you to write or email the Ballet
management protesting this action. I also ask that you encourage
friends and family to also write letters. This effort on your part
can create an outpouring of public support for the orchestra, and
will go a long way toward convincing the Ballet management that this
action will ultimately be extremely detrimental to the future of
this organization.

Emails should be sent to:
Letters should be mailed to:

Mr. John McFall, Director
Atlanta Ballet
1400 West Peachtree St., N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Your cooperation with this project will be greatly appreciated.

Fraternally yours,
John Head, President
Local 148-462