Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sonic Generator concert at the Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech

Sonic Generator Presents “Music and Data”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at the Academy of Medicine, 875 West Peachtree Street.
Concert begins at 8 p.m. Free admission.


Georgia Tech’s contemporary chamber music ensemble-in-residence, Sonic Generator, features music by Jonathan Berger, Steve Reich, Charles Dodge, Visda Goudarzi, and Katharina Vogt in a free performance in partnership with the International Conference on Auditory Display. The concert showcases innovative contemporary music that transforms various types of data into musical form.

The concert features guest composer Jonathan Berger, a professor at Stanford and a leading researcher on the intersections between data sonification and creative practice. His string quartet Doubles (2004), originally written for the St. Lawrence String Quartet, recalls songs of peace, freedom, and resistance and also draws inspiration from seventeenth-century ornamentation practices. Viola Elegy (1987), by computer music pioneer Charles Dodge, draws its musical content from fractal structures. Minimalist composer Steve Reich’s Piano Phase (1967), performed in this concert in a version for two marimbas, turns the concept of phasing — in which two musicians initially play in unison but drift further and further apart over time — into a gradual process that drives the entire piece. And Chirping Stars (2012) by Visda Goudarzi and Katharina Vogt, a finalist in the conference’s annual sonification competition, turns an analysis of the most popular musicians on Twitter into an electroacoustic reflection on social listening.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Atlanta Ballet: New Choreographic Voices

Music by Nickitas DEMOS
Choreography by Tara LEE
  • Soprano/Alto Sax: Jan Berry Baker
  • Cello: Charae Krueger
  • Percussion: Michael Cebulski
  • D.J. : Jennifer Mitchell

My work, Pavo, will be premiered on May 18 - 20, 2012 at the Alliance Theater. The work is written for soprano/alto sax, cello, percussion, D.J. and six dancers. It was commissioned by the Atlanta Ballet and choreographed by Tara Lee
For more info click HERE.   
I've also written a series of articles about the experience of collaborating with Tara. You can check these articles out on my blog

Friday, May 04, 2012

Bent Frequency show next week!

Bent Frequency will join thousands of musicians and hundreds of concert presenters across the country Friday, May 11 at 8pm at MASS Collective (364 Nelson St. SW, Atlanta, GA, 30313,) in celebrating National Chamber Music Month. This event in Castleberry Hill will be on the same night as the Castleberry Hill Art Walk!

MASS Collective’s presentation of Bent Frequency’s “Singular Pluralities” is part of a nationwide initiative to raise public awareness of the many styles of small ensemble music performed and presented today. The month-long series of performances, residencies, pre- and post-concert discussions, and other chamber music events will showcase ensemble music of all styles, including early, classical, jazz, and world music.

Chamber Music America (CMA), the national service organization for ensemble music professionals and the organizer of National Chamber Music Month, has invited its membership of more than 6,000 music professionals to participate in this first-time-ever endeavor.

Bent Frequency will feature world premieres by Darren Nelsen, Mark Gresham, Robert Scott Thompson and Jason Freeman and pieces by Louis Andriessen, Steve Everett and Tae Hong Park.

Performers include:
Jan Berry Baker, saxophone
Stuart Gerber, percussion
Steve Everett, bass
Sarah Kapps, cello
Tae Hong Park, bass
Amanda Pepping, trumpet

For more information, please visit www.bentfrequency.com.