Saturday, October 07, 2006

Opera Scenes

Opera Scenes
Friday, November 17, 2006 - 7:30 PM
W. Dwight Coleman, artistic director
Featuring scenes from American operas, including Ned Rorem's Our Town and Carlisle Floyd's Cold Sassy Tree.
Venue: Kopleff Recital Hall
Cost: FREE
Contact: 404-651-INFO

Curtis Bryant says:

Though not listed on the blurb, the concert will feature an excerpt from my opera-in-progress "The Anarchists." The libretto by Allen Reichman, a psychiatrist in New York, is based upon Joseph Conrad's 1907 novel entitled "The Secret Agent." We changed the name, because the original title seemed to connote a "cold war" era theme, but its story line is much more relevant to today's world of terrorism and the xenophobic political climate.
The story is about an anarchist and reluctant terrorist named Verloc, who uses his developmentally disabled brother in law to plant a bomb at the Greenwich Observatory in London. The job is bungled and the young Stevie is blown to bits in the park. What Verloc doesn't realize is that his wife, Winnie has a maternal attachment to her younger brother, and when she learns that her husband has been the cause of his death a new level of familial anarchy ensues.
The scene being produced in the upcoming program is a relatively tame one early in the story (Act I, Scene 3). Winnie and Stevie are accompanying their mother to her new retirement lodgings, which are located in a rather poor neighborhood of the city. As they return to catch a bus, they encounter a chorus of shadowy street people. Being a very sensitive child, Stevie becomes upset that there is such a disparity between rich and poor, and Winnie calms him with an aria in which she declares that she will protect him from any harm.

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