Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anne Frank: Within and Without, original music by Chip Epsten

This is from Chip Epsten:

The Center for Puppetry Arts presents Anne Frank: Within and Without, by
Bobby Box, with original music composed and performed on violin and toy
piano by Chip Epsten.

Your favorite Yiddish folk songs deconstructed - including the lovely
lullaby Oyfn Pripitchik. Hear a sample on Epsten's hastily-constructed
myspace page

Part of the Center's New Directions Series, premiered 2006. Missed it then?
Well here it is again, even better. A show that "brings new depth and
perspective to the wartime memoir." ~NY Times

Now through February 17
Thursday - Saturday 8 PM
Sunday at 5 PM
Tuesday - Friday 11 AM, if you don't mind joining the school groups.

Center for Puppetry Arts
1404 Spring Street at 18th St
Atlanta GA 30309
Tickets: 404-873-3391 or

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