Monday, April 20, 2009

Bent Frequency presents "Georgia In My Ear" - Tues 21 April @ 8pm

Bent Frequency presents "Georgia In My Ear" tomorrow, April 21 at 8pm in GSU's Kopleff Recital Hall, featuring music by Georgia composers Nickitas Demos, Mark Gresham, Lewis Nielson and Joel Puckett, and composer Vivienne Olive from Atlanta's sister city, Nuremberg, Germany.

Thanks to recent underwriting of the program through a CENCIA Grant from Georgia State University, admission to the concert is now FREE for all attending audience.


Nickitas Demos: Secret Music
Joel Puckett: Gunslingers
Mark Gresham: Mortal Coils (premiere)
Lewis Nielson: Danger Man
Vivienne Olive: Another Silly Love Song

Click image below to see full-sized graphic for the concert:

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