Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cobb Symphony Premieres Works by Two Atlanta Composers

This Saturday (1/9) at 8pm the Cobb Symphony will premiere works by two Atlanta Composers, Jen Mitchell and Robert Cronin.

Inspired by the works of Brian Froud, "The Pond" by Jen Mitchell is a ballet loosely based on the Grimm's fairy tale, "The Nix in the Pond." This suite is extracted from Act II. In Act I, a maiden plays her flute in the forest and enchants a prince as he hunts. They immediately fall in love. Act II opens with the prince hunting alone in the forest. Having overheard the maidens tune, an evil water sprite plays the tune and lures the prince into her pond. The maiden is drawn to the pond with the help of forest fairies and sees the prince trapped under the water sprite's spell. She and the water sprite battle for the prince by playing their flutes, but the maiden breaks the prince from the water sprite's spell and they flee. In Act III, the maiden and the prince have a forest wedding and celebrate with the forest fairies. The evil water sprite asks for forgiveness and bestows gifts upon the newlyweds, and they all rejoice together.

Robert Cronin, flutist for the Atlanta Symphony, will have his work "Concerto for Flute and Orchestra" premiered as well. His wife, Christina Smith also flutist for the Atlanta Symphony, will be the soloist. The work is in two movements, and in Christina's own words is "very exciting and lyrical. Can't wait to play it!".

Seems like it will be a flutastic night!

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Nicole Randall-Chamberlain said...

This concert sold out! But, there is an open rehearsal on Friday (1/8) at 7:30pm, which may prove to be even better!