Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Concert of Electroacoustic Music by Dick Robinson

April 30, 2006 at 4 PM


Sycamore Place Gallery
120 Sycamore Place
Decatur, GA 30030

Admission $10


Darren Nelsen said...

Thanks to Mr. Robinson for his concert and congrats for the tremendous turnout (a packed room with not enough seats for all the attendees.) The audience was very receptive, with long applause afterwards and calls for an encore!

The program featured four pieces by Mr. Robinson:

- Leaving Cumberland
- Avalanche
- Walnut Hills
- Portals

I especially liked the last two pieces.

I would have liked the music to be a bit louder so as to be better heard, but all in all an interesting and successful show. I liked the music (this was my first time hearing it), and I hope to hear more from Mr. Robinson in the future.

He'll be participating in some way with the upcoming Pauline Oliveros show on May 13th. Watch for another post here with details.

Mark Gresham said...

I liked Dick's concert as well, and that the location was in an "alterenative space." The volume would have been fine in an acoustically-insulated environment, but one of the things that often comes with alternative spaces is the liklihood of a high sonic floor or loud external ambient noises--surely less problematic in Mozart's day, but our machine-filled times offer these challenges.

A discussion about available and possible alternative spaces in the Atlanta area is one that should start taking place among composers.

So I've started a discussion with this post to which readers can respond to a comment or create a new comment thread under the posted topic itself.