Monday, May 01, 2006

Atlanta Composers Blog

Congratulations to Darren Nelsen ("curioman") for creating the Atlanta Composers Blog. Darren and I, and others, have been discussing ways of getting Atlanta's composers to communicate with each other, and to let others hear more about us, our music and ideas. I've agreed to interlink this blog from the "Synchronous" new and classical music webzone (a section of the Lux Nova Press website), where we will be working to post news, resources and information relevant to Atlanta's creative community. We hope Atlanta's composers will become enthusiastic about the opportunities and potentials for Atlanta's composing community both online and off-line, and will get involved.

--Mark Gresham
composer/music journalist
Atlanta, Georgia

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Greg McLean said...

Mark and Darren,

Congratulations on the composers blog site. Atlanta needs a place for composers to colaborate and find support. As a longtime Atlanta area composer, I am pleased to see this effort.

I remember Jim Oliverio tried with Living Composers, Inc., but that became a little too much Oliverio and too little everyone else. It was a good effort, but not as communal as it could or should have been. So, this is a welcome sight (site).

Greg McLean
Trumpeter, composer, arranger
Instructor of Music,
Georgia Perimeter College