Monday, May 01, 2006

Composers, Unite!

Atlanta Composers, this is it. The time to get together, to join forces and get our music heard! We can best promote ourselves by getting to know each other. With strength in alliance we can assemble more concerts, recordings, and events. Too much of the Atlanta music scene is splintered and isolated. I moved here in 1997. It was years before I met another local composer. My story is not unique. Another composer I know (a Julliard grad, no less) lived here 5 years before meeting another composer. There is talent all over this city, but too few of us even know about each other. It is common for Atlanta composers to be more popular in other cities than in our own, unfortunately. However, it's time to change that. It's time for us to be seen and heard. Together, I believe we can be a major force in music--in our own city, nationally, and internationally. There is a wide breadth of compositional activity going on here--acoustic, electronic, conservative, avant-garde. Let's learn more about each other and get our music heard. Let's make our mark! Spread the word about this blog. Link to the URL from your website. Put it in your email signature. Get the word out and let's make things happen.

The more of you we know about and the more resources we have to work with, the better we can put together concerts and recordings of our music, get it covered by media, heard by listeners. Let us capitalize on our niche.

Let me and Mark know about you, your music, your interests. Visit our sites, email us. Make comments to the posts on this blog. Let us know what resources you have that would help in our endeavor to unite and promote local composers.

Let's go for it!

Darren Nelsen


Greg McLean said...

Darren (and Mark G.),

Thanks for getting this blog up and running. I have hoped for another oportunity for Atlanta composers to colaborate and communicate since Jim Oliverio's Living Composers Inc. died on the vine ten or so years ago.

Congratulations for your efforts!

Greg McLean
Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger
Instructor of Music
Georgia perimeter College

Green minstrey said...

Hello anybody :) my name is Kostantin, I'm a beginning composer and I do live in Atlanta, GA. I've just found this comunity and i can't find how i can become a part of it, all i can do is just to put a comment somwhere.. what can I do to join?.. thanks.

Darren Nelsen said...

Several ways to get involved. You can post your comments and suggestions here, go to an Atlanta Score Study Group meeting, go to a Csound Users Group Meeting, go to an Atlanta Composers Meetup meeting... all of these meeting notices are posted here on the blog.

You can also go to concerts at GSU, Georgia Tech, Emory, etc. and introduce yourself to fellow composers and performers before/after the show.

I'd love to have help with organizing concerts. You can even organize one yourself and get help from other composers and performers here.

Another idea is spearheading a project like putting a CD together of music from local artists including yourself.

We also need an Atlanta Composers Podcast. Would you like to get involved or head up that project.

Many, many ways to get involved. The community needs help with getting projects going, so your participation is greatly valued!!

Thank you for posting here and participating.