Friday, February 16, 2007

neoPhonia concert report: "Music From the Red Earth"

On Tues, 2/13, I attended the neoPhonia concert titled "Music From the Red Earth" at GSU. The program consisted of all Atlanta composers. (Woohoo!)

Awakening Echoes by Brent Milam
Graph Theory by Jason Freeman
Shadowed Moon by Daniel Swilley
Three Haiku by Adam Scott Neal
A Touch of Window by Albert Ahlstrom

The instrumentation ranged from solo violin to small ensembles to computer generated sounds. The acoustic pieces filled most of the program. Daniel Swilley's Shadowed Moon was electronic, generated by Csound. Jason Freeman's Graph Theory was a hybrid--the score was pre-generated electronically by users who contributed to it over the web, and then it was played acoustically by a solo performer.

Before each piece, the composer said a few words about their work. This helped introduce the composers to the audience before the (catered!) reception that followed the concert.

At the reception, composers, performers, and audience members mingled. I got a chance to chat with several people I'd been looking forward to meeting. (And I learned a new notation technique that Adam used in his piece.)

Many thanks to the composers, performers, and audience.

Special thanks to Nickitas Demos, the founder and artistic director of neoPhonia, for organizing this concert and making a point of profiling local music. He does an 'all local composers' concert as part of the neoPhonia series each year. I've been fortunate enough to catch the last two years' shows. I can't say enough good things about the wealth that comes from attending these concerts, hearing the music, meeting the composers and performers, and networking with all.

Don't miss the upcoming neoPhonia show in April! I think Curtis Bryant's piece is going to be on the program. I'm looking forward to that.

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