Sunday, August 12, 2007

ASO plays Gresham @ Piedmont Park

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Jere Flint conducting, will perform my "Music for a Summer Celebration" today, Sunday, August 12 @ 7:30pm, as part of its free "Bark in the Park" concert at Piedmont Park. Assuming it doesn't rain, this will be the second performance by the ASO, which premiered the 5-minute work last year at Wolf Creek Park. So far, there have been 5 performances in all by 3 orchestras, so this will be number 6 in the work's 13-month performance history. Please come to the concert if you can. It's free, outdoors and pet-friendly.
  —Mark Gresham


Darren Nelsen said...

Hey Mark,

Congrats on your repeat performance(s)! What a success. I would have made it except I was driving back from Ashville, NC (after seeing Zappa Plays Zappa.)

Hope your piece went well.

If anyone who was at the show can comment, please do!

Mark, would love to hear how you managed 6 performances in 13 months! Awesome. That's a lesson for us all.

Nicole said...

I was able to go last night, and it ended up being pretty tolerable outside.

Congrats to Mark getting it performed again. I think it went well as far as an outside performance with amplification of the orchestra, dogs barking and people socializing. It seemed like a good turnout for the concert, and for the most part people seemed to be listening.

FlipTheComposer said...

congrats Mr. Gresham. I am a composer that just moved into town and would like to go to some performances of other local composers' music. Anything coming up? (wife got a job as Business and Grants manager at Spivey Hall, thus I go to shows for free. yay) But I don't want to limit my time spent there. Hope I get to meet some other composers soon!