Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Strayform Tries Indie New Music Model

"Strayform is a Texas startup that, like SellaBand and the recently funded Amie Street, is giving unsigned artists a way to promote and sell their music.

Like SellaBand, artists sign up, upload some of their music and then create proposals for new music they want to create. Fans can listen to and download the music (DRM free), and donate directly to proposals they like. The proposals are all different. One artist, for example, says he will mention the name of person who pledges the most in the song itself."

Great to see another website geared toward independent artist promotion. I like the model (getting paid *before* the creation of a work--like a commission.) I just signed up and will give it a shot. Will let you know what I find. I encourage others to try it too. Follow the link (click this post's title) to find more info on TechCrunch. Strayform's website is http://www.strayform.com/.


Darren Nelsen said...

From Brandt, administrator at Strayform:

Thank you for the publicity, but I want to stress that there are no donations here.

People are buying your works, but instead of waiting till after you make it they are getting in at the beginning, the way record labels traditionally do. The analogy I use is 10 people buying a CD together. They may pay different amounts, some none at all, but if the money isn't enough to get the purchase nobody gets the product.

Aime Street and Sellaband are new ways to buy music. Strayform is a new way to create. And not just music but anything digital.

And the way our site works, you can raise money from any site and your works can be put on any site. Its not tied to Strayform like Sellaband, i-Tunes, MySpace or any of the others.

Plus we have a full service shop coming, Merchandise, tickets, physical sales, that put you, the Artist, at the center. You don't go to venues, licensors, etc... they come to you.

Please stress our uniqueness. There are many companies making major progress forward, but we want to flip the process totally.

Darren Nelsen said...

Here's my proposal on Strayform, even though it's, oops, not classical. (Next time! :)


Btw, for the curious, Strayform takes 35%... in context, Amie Street takes 30%, iTunes I think takes %40, and of course your traditional record label 90-95%.

My plan is to use Strayform to raise money for the creation of music and then Amie Street, MySpace, et al to sell it to the masses.

The reason I'm telling you all this is to give you guys ideas on how to fund and prosper from your own music. Consider me your illustrious guinea pig. :)