Monday, September 17, 2007

Making It: Today's Music Success Model

Good little commentary on making it in today's music biz. Though addressed to songwriters, I believe this equally applies to us composers (perhaps even more so.)

What's your definition of success, and how are you achieving it?


MTR said...

My idea of "success" is pretty simple. That I sell enough CD's to recover my manufacturing costs! How do I maintain? Well, I'm lucky to have a built in audience but that only sells so much. I do the Ebay thing and have a couple of distributors in the US and Japan (which is incidently a huge market for experimental electronic music). I've recently put some music up on iTunes (US, Europe and Japan) and Rhapsody. I won't see the statements until next year so can't say. Bottom line is to hit the pavement and sell your CD to anyone and everyone. And don't stop playing because your next masterpiece is around the corner and we all know that quality sells. Right?
(michael thomas roe)

Darren Nelsen said...

Wonderful! May I ask who your distributors are and how you got hooked up with them?

One of my goals is to have all my production costs covered. I find the best way to do that (currently) is to raise money up front (with commissions, pledges, donations) and then produce and distribute the content.

Another goal is to make enough with my music (or other source of passive income) so that I can reduce my corporate job to part-time and have more time to do more music. (Beyond that of course is to do music fulltime.)

If 'making it' is, as the article states, making a living from your music, then I'm on my way, with a long way to go. :) I'm confident I'll get there though, a step at a time.