Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Five Points Ensemble to debut Oct. 22

[The following announcement was submitted by composer Albert Ahlstrom.]

Five Points Ensemble
Mon. Oct. 22nd, 7:30 at GSU

Everyone is invited to the first program by Atlanta'a newest new music group "Five Points Ensemble" Mon. Oct 22 at 7:30 at GSU. This is a group that will be playing only music of the 21st century (no historical music from the 60s and 70s) that interests the performers. We want this group to be a performer/composer collective that will program works by many composers in the Atlanta area, as well as new music from around the world.

Kenneth Long, clarinet - Nickitas Demos, Tonoi III for solo clarinet (2001)
Christopher Rozmarin, trombone - Jean-Francois Michel, Homage for Jean Tinguely
Sarah Ambrose, flute - Andrew Rindfleisch, Tears for solo flute
Albert Ahlstrom, piano/composer - Summer Sky for solo piano (2006)
Adam Pendleton, saxophone - Zachary Crockett, Fight to Flow Between for solo saxophone (2006)

Here are the goals of the group:

1. Performer driven
    Repertoire selected by a professional performer or group - professional as in faculty at music school or regularly performing in public throughout the metro area.

2. Collective, No curatorial oversight
    The music will be selected by the performers and there will not be a theme or focus to the programs. Ideally there will be a mix of live, electronic interactive, edgy, somewhat traditional - all of which will be interested in conveying new ideas. This group is a collective gathering of people interested in hearing and performing new music. Hopefully our concerts will be engaging, stimulating, not fall into any set style of new music, and will reach out to a wide variety of audiences. I would love to see some jazz players, video artists, etc. blending on these concerts.

3. No funding or grant proposals
    New music groups in Atlanta often become bogged down in the funding process. The limitation and source of funds can limit the number of the programs presented, and often limit the programming. There will be no funds provided for performers. We want to present enough concerts that we will be seen as a regular source of new music, and we want our programs to be known as varied and engaging. As part of this idea we will present programs in places such as museums, libraries, art galleries, etc.

4. Be a venue for new music
    Rather than squeeze one new piece on a program with lots of old music, this will be a way for a group to present one new piece without having to prepare an entire program. Then the group will be able to enjoy hearing other new music without having to worry about performing several other pieces that same night. This of course implies that the performers have an interest in new music, and hopefully this will be a way to bring these performers and the composers in Atlanta together to build a community. To this end we are planning for simple receptions after the programs that will be opportunities for everyone to socialize.

5. An Atlanta Composer angle
    We will have several pieces on each program that will be written by Atlanta area composers. This will always be a key component of the group, but we do not want to limit the repertoire to exclude music from around the world. Part of our objective is to make the composition that is taking place in Atlanta a part of the world community of music.

—Albert Ahlstrom


Nicole Randall said...

Congratulations on getting this ensemble started,looking foward to the concert!

Adam Scott Neal said...

How was the show? Any reviews?

Dr. Nickitas J. said...

A review appeared in the Wednesday, October 24 edition of the AJC. Unfortunately, it is not a full review as the critic, James Paulk, arrived late to the concert and only heard the last piece! Albert got a nice review, though!

I thought the concert was very enjoyable! A wonderful debut!

Adam Scott Neal said...

Still a nice spot in the paper, methinks. It even mentions this very blog!