Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thanks from Five Points Ensemble

[Posted at the request of Albert Ahlstrom and the Five Points Ensemble.]

We had a great show and a very good turnout for our first program.

We want to thank James Paulk for a very nice review/article that appeared on Wedenesday in the AJC. James is a new writer who is working with Pierre at the AJC.

We are organizing new concerts now. We are open to all professional performers interested in presenting 21st century music, or composers that would like to submit music to our expanding core group, or have other professional performers in mind.

We had quite a diverse audience and some of the audience members told me that, though they might not have understood all of the music, they did enjoy hearing the music played so well. This is our goal- interesting, varied and professionally performed programs of 21st century music, with Atlanta music being part of the focus.

—Albert Ahlstrom

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Darren Nelsen said...

Excellent! Good coverage in the AJC. I love the opening sentence:

"Oddly, because it's hardly the case elsewhere, the contemporary classical music scene is expanding in Atlanta."

Damn, that's nice to read! :)

I'd love to hear Summer Sky, among others, btw.