Sunday, September 14, 2008

Darren Nelsen in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tooting my own horn... :)

In today's AJC, in an article titled His music label: One tiny dose weekly, Peirre Ruhe covers my current 12x60 project and puts it in context with what's happening in new music. It's a great article with quotes from notables like our own Jason Freeman (GA Tech professor and composer), Robert Voisey (60x60) and Frank J. Oteri (NewMusicBox).

Read the article here or see clip-outs from the paper here (cover) and here (inside page).

I'm pleased with the coverage (well written with lots of page real estate). I hope it draws more interest in new music from the local community.


Nicole Randall said...

Way to go and get your stuff out there Darren!

Adam Scott Neal said...

Slow news day, huh? Kidding! Kudos!