Saturday, November 29, 2008

Survival Strategies for Electroacoustic Music

Survival Strategies for Electroacoustic Music is a good read for those interested in how we can reach a more general audience.

While the article specifically references the Toronto market, the same ideas apply to Atlanta.

"[...] artists in the electroacoustic field, and the organizations and institutions that support their work, cannot continue to survive if they don’t reach out to their communities. They must advocate for the field, and make healthy connections with the local communities around them in order to spread knowledge, understanding, and interest in electroacoustic music. This does not require a big marketing budget and does not need to happen on a mainstream level of public impact. It is a matter of building partnerships with organizations and businesses that have access to audiences with interests in related areas."

Please read for the many great suggestions...

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Darren Nelsen said...

One idea I have, inspired by my own rail recordings and Adam Scott Neal's Straphanger, is to curate a show all about public transit, and petition MARTA for sponsorship.

...or, talk to MARTA about having our 'public transit themed' music piped into some of the rail stations.

...or, setup a public sound installation in one or more of the stations.