Monday, July 27, 2009

Composers and the "relationship-making business"

An article by Alex Shapiro, posted today, well-worth reading even if you're not a composer:

Blogger Book Club III: Selling Everything, 2.0—The Jig Goes Public

"Those of us who are musicians and composers might think that we're in the music-making business, but we're actually in the relationship-making business. [...] One of the limitations of the new music world is its self-referential nature, whereby accepted norms are...accepted norms, and fewer participants think outside of the taco shell. I find myself most stimulated and inspired by the observations of those who are not part of the arts scene, who see the larger trends in society and in the way people communicate." —Alex Shapiro [READ MORE]

author: Alex Shapiro
date: July 27, 2009

Topic for discussion: How can composers best build responsive relationships for their art outside of the new music community?

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Wes said...

I was looking for some contact information - can I get attached to the roll of composers?


Wes Flinn

Darren Nelsen said...

Hey Wes,

Sure thing. I just added you to the list.