Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to Iraq

Dear Friends,

Once again, I'm heading back to Iraq, but this time it will be for at least a year. First of all, I really appreciate those of you who reached out last year to help with the new music workshop. I could really use your help again this year in establishing an Academy for language and arts in the north. Please feel free to forward this along to anyone you know in the community who might be interested in helping.

Soulbird advocates and advances human rights and social justice through community engagement in the arts ( new Web site forthcoming). In most of Iraq, being a singer, musician, dancer, or any other creator of the arts can have grave consequences. Hundreds of artists have been targeted for torture and murder since 2003, while many have since fled the country (85% of singers).

We are opening an Academy in the relatively safer Kurdistan region of Iraq to provide a safe place for Arab and Kurdish artists to work on projects without fear of imminent death or danger. In addition to providing courses in language and the arts, the Academy will serve as a base for some of Soulbird's important human rights and community organizing work, especially working to address the plight of artists in Iraq today.

We would be very grateful for any in-kind donations, such as CDs (any kind of music), DVDs (operas, musical performances/concerts, musicals, dance performances, artist biographies, hollywood or indie films, documentaries on social movements, etc.), books (anything arts-related; social movements, etc.) and music scores (from standard repertory to 20th and 21st century composers). You can receive a tax-deduction for these items through our fiscal sponsor. You can mail them to me, which I will take with me to Iraq on October 17th. My address is

R. Timothy Brady/Soulbird
29 Peachtree Pl NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
United States

We also accept tax-deductible cash donations to help pay for the rent, diesel for generator (electricity), and transportation. You may visit our fiscal sponsor's Web site to make a contribution ( We are listed as "Soulbird" for the sponsored artist. They process all donations for us.

If you have any questions. please contact me at +1 646.833.8840 or Our new Web site,, should be up later this week.

Thanks and hope all of you are doing well.

R. Timothy Brady
Founder, Executive Director at Soulbird

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