Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Classic Goes Contemporary: F.W. Murnau’s silent movie "Faust" (1926) set to new music by Toby Chappell

Saturday, March 5 @ 6 pm
Goethe-Zentrum Auditorium


The 1926 film "Faust", directed by F.W. Murnau of "Nosferatu" fame,
will be shown in its entirety on March 5 with a live performance of
a new soundtrack (electronics and guitar) for the film.

"Faust" was backed by the biggest film budget in German film history
up to that point, and features the most intricate special effects
possible in the era, as well as a superb cast anchored by Emil
Jannings as Mephisto and Swedish stage legend Gösta Ekman as Faust.

Previous sections of the soundtrack have been performed at
Georgia State University, and a house concert hosted by Darren Nelsen.
This event will mark the premiere of the full soundtrack.

CDs will be available featuring excerpts from the soundtrack.

Please RSVP for this event by March 4 at 404-892-2388 or info@german-institute.org.

Toby Chappell is a composer, guitarist, and sound sculptor currently
residing in the Atlanta, GA area. He has studied and/or collaborated
with such diverse artists and collectives as the Pythagoras Society,
Robert Scott Thompson, Eyes of Ligeia, and the Black Muse Element.
Currently, Toby is focusing on film soundtrack and guitar-based
ambient music, all of which he releases pseudonymously as Saturnin
Sektor (electroacoustic and film music), or Misdreamt (guitar+electronics).
Contact: motiondemon@emailengine.net

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