Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two new releases from Toby Chappell

Two new releases are now available from Atlanta-area electronic and
electro-acoustic composer Toby Chappell. The releases are available
in both physical and digital formats.

The latest release from SATURNIN SEKTOR ("Unreal City") is the culmination
of two years' work collecting field recordings from such places as
Savannah, New York City, and sacred sites in Ireland.

The first release from MISDREAMT ("The Motion Demon") is also now available.
MISDREAMT features found percussion and looped/layered guitar parts, with
unsettling electro-acoustic ambience always lurking beneath the surface.
Live performances of the MISDREAMT material will include video components
from the composer and other collaborators.

More information (samples, artwork downloads, ordering info) can be found at:


Toby Chappell is a composer, guitarist, and sound sculptor currently
residing in the Atlanta, GA area. He has studied and/or collaborated
with such diverse artists and collectives as the Pythagoras Society,
Robert Scott Thompson, Eyes of Ligeia, and the Black Muse Element.
Currently, Toby is focusing on film soundtrack and guitar-based
ambient music, all of which he releases pseudonymously as Saturnin
Sektor (electroacoustic and film music), or Misdreamt (guitar+electronics).
Contact: motiondemon@emailengine.net

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