Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GSU student composers concert

I'll be performing on Brian Chamberlain's work for flute and guitar. This is from Toby Chappell:

This Friday, at noon in GSU's Kopleff Recital Hall, there will be arecital featuring new works by student composers. Here is the programinfo (not in performance order):
Brent MILAM: Dark Expanse (Dying Pulsars) for electronic sounds
Brent MILAM: Maquina quebrada for cello & marimba
Carol UNDERWOOD: Frozen Metropolis; II. Ghosts In The Machine for viola &piano
Brian CHAMBERLAIN: Lost Hollow Road for flute & guitar
Brian CHAMBERLAIN: When Atlas Fails for solo guitar
Jason SHERWIN: Sonata for Keyboard, Poco Allegro (solo piano)
Toby CHAPPELL: Memories of the North for solo guitar
Toby CHAPPELL: The Solstice Variations No. 1 for electronic sounds

Directions to the Recital Hall can be found at:

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