Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vagabond Drumming - audio online

For those who are interested in the progress of my Vagabond Drumming project, there are audio excerpts now online at my personal MySpace page from Nov. 2006 (Book I, parts 1 & 2) and Nov. 2007 (Book III, parts 2 & 3) performed by the Georgia State University Percussion Ensemble, Stuart Gerber, director.

One or more of these audio files may also show up in rotation among the audio by metro-composers on the Atlanta Composers MySpace page. *

The current plan for the project is for Book II of Vagabond Drumming to be completed next, comprised of percussion solos with brief "Greek chorus" percussion preludes to each and coda to the whole Book.

Feedback and questions about the Vagabond Drumming project are always welcomed. (As are monetary contributions!) :-)

—Mark Gresham

* P.S.: Participate! Go to the Atlanta Composers MySpace page to network and listen to music by Atlanta composers, and contribute your own articles and comments to this very Atlanta Composers Blog. Help build a stronger, more visible, and less fragmented creative community in metro-Atlanta. It cannot be done for you by any outside organization, it can only be done by you. Contact Adam Scott Neal with your questions about the Atlanta Composers MySpace page, and Darren Nelsen about the Atlanta Composers Blog.

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