Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kerwin Young's Home Burned Down

Kerwin Young's home burned down last week. Kerwin, one of our fellow composers and participant in the Unseen Forces concert, is living and working out of the Regency Suites until he can find a new home.

Donations and gifts can be sent to:

Kerwin Young
P.O. Box 23
Red Oak, Ga

Kerwin says: "Every little bit can surely help, I'll tell you that. Fortunately enough, no one was injured. Red Cross has assisted us with accomodations at the Regency Suites over on 10th st."

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Darren Nelsen said...

Kerwin has also said that his immediate needs are:

"New clothes, and we've gotta eat until we find a new place. We were able to salvage some things, which are in storage. But, for the most part, just the basic necessities. It's four adults; no children."