Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contributors Needed

The mission of is to cover as many aspects of local composer activity as possible. To that end, I need more contributors to share what's going on in each of your worlds. So far, we have coverage of a few groups--GSU (Adam Scott Neal), the ASSG (Jonathan Cazenave), and the upcoming Csound User Group (me and Mitch Turner).

I'd like to get more contributors from more areas, like Georgia Tech, Emory, Kennesaw, LaGrange College, and any independent groups (similar to ASSG).

What I need is one or more representatives from each group willing to post information about upcoming events and activities within their sphere. This applies to schools, ensembles, performance venues, meetup groups, journalists, critics, etc. As long as your contributions have to do with promoting music of local composers and helping this community to become more vibrant and gain more exposure.

Please let me know if you're interested in becoming a contributing blogger! ;) And spread the word. Thanks!

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