Saturday, April 07, 2007

Volunteer Needed for 'Featured Composers' Column

I need a volunteer to write a monthly section of the blog called Featured Composers. Each month, Featured Composers will profile (in brief) two Atlanta-area composers, with bios and links to their sound pages/files. Very similar to Sequenza21's "Click Picks".

The Featured Composers section is a way to highlight local talent and bring direct awareness to our composers and their music. A way of saying, "Here, look at this!"

I need a contributor to do these writeups. It's fairly simple work. Just follow the links in the Atlanta Composers section, pick two composers, summarize their bios, and link to their sound pages or files. You don't need to be a music critic, you just need to do some exploring and share what you find. It'll be fun for someone who likes to do research, listen to new music, and give back to the community. You'll be helping us learn about each other.

Please let me know if you're interested by sending an email to darren (A-T) curiomusic (D-O-T) com or contact me here. Thanks!!

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